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Celebrity Links 4-23-14

Apr 23, 2014 -- 5:37am

Stephen Colbert was on The Late Show with David Letterman...WATCH THE VIDEO!!

Some people are saying Katy Perry's new video...IS CONTROVERSIAL!?

There's a rumor that Miley Cyrus...HOOKED UP WITH JUSTIN BIEBER'S DAD!!

Check out John Legend's doppelganger baby...OVER HERE!!

Why did Mariah Carey spend $118K on a public flight? FIND OUT HERE!!

Drew Barrymore had a baby...SEE WHAT SHE NAMED IT!!

Miranda Kerr released her debut song...LISTEN TO IT HERE!!

What won't Olivia Munn let her man see her doing? FIND OUT HERE!!

Cuba Gooding Jr. and his wife...HAVE FILED FOR SEPARATION!!

Is a "Will and Grace" reunion in the works? MORE HERE!!

Tags: Dirty

A Man Is Arrested For Assaulting His Girlfriend With Easter Eggs

Apr 22, 2014 -- 10:22am
You don't hear about Easter egg decorating parties GOING WRONG very often, but when one goes wrong, I guess it goes VERY wrong. 27-year-old Aaron Goempel of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and his girlfriend were decorating Easter eggs on Saturday night when she accused him of CHEATING on her and they started arguing. Aaron ended up taking a bunch of the hard-boiled Easter eggs and THROWING them at her. So she called the cops. Then when they got there, Aaron charged at them with a SWORD. The police managed to take him down without anyone getting hurt. Aaron was arrested and charged with aggravated assault. 

A College Has Banned Students From Taking Selfies at Graduation

Apr 22, 2014 -- 9:56am
Thousands of kids are about to sit through graduation ceremonies, and hear how they'll be world leaders someday. But until that day we can't trust them to go 15 minutes without taking a SELFIE. Bryant University in Rhode Island just announced they're BANNING students from taking selfies during graduation next month. The school is afraid that if all 850 or so graduates take a selfie when they're accepting their diplomas, it'll make the ceremony last FOREVER. The students are still allowed to take photos during the ceremony, just not on stage.
(Via The Week)

What's the Best Accidental Nudity You've Ever Seen in Person?

Apr 22, 2014 -- 8:16am
As you get older, your childhood memories all fade, except for that first time you saw nudity in person. You will never forget that day. What's the best ACCIDENTAL NUDITY you've ever witnessed? Here are five of my favorite stories from a thread on Reddit!
1. "Some friends and I were walking home from a bar around 3:00 A.M. Suddenly, we noticed an attractive naked woman putting up a Christmas tree. It was June."
2. "I was at a wedding reception when a guy across the table asked the woman next to me if she'd gotten a baked potato. Turns out her light brown boob had slipped out of her dress onto the plate and he thought it was a potato."
3. "I passed out in a female friend's dorm room freshman year of college. When I woke up, she and a friend of hers were both changing. They still thought I was asleep, and I didn't move at all to make sure it stayed that way."
4. "I'm 42 but I'll never forget when I was at camp in 6th grade, we were all sitting in a circle cross-legged, and one of the hot female counselors' '80s-style short shorts shifted to the side. It was the first time I ever saw lady parts, and it changed my life."
5. "I was delivering pizza and a woman opened the door with one of her breasts accidentally hanging out. Could've been the beginning of a porn scene, at least until her gigantic boyfriend walked over. They tipped me $6. Good people." 
(Via Reddit)

A Teen Survives Unharmed Stowed Away In Wheel Well Of California To Hawaii Flight

Apr 22, 2014 -- 7:57am
If you think it's uncomfortable to fly in coach, imagine what it was like for this 15 year-old who hitched a ride from California to Hawaii by stowing away in the wheel well of a plane! The boy, who lives in Santa Clara, California managed to get onto the airport's tarmac without being noticed and climbed into a jetliner's wheel well, then flew for five freezing hours to Hawaii. Authorities found the high school student wandering the airport grounds with no identification. He was questioned by the FBI and taken by ambulance to a hospital, where he was amazingly found to be unharmed. On Monday, authorities tried to determine how the boy slipped through multiple layers of security, including wide-ranging video surveillance, German shepherds and Segway-riding police officers.

A Skydiver Crashed Into an Easter Egg Hunt and Died When His Parachute Didn't Open

Apr 22, 2014 -- 6:58am
There's now a family in New Jersey that'll be too TRAUMATIZED to hunt for Easter eggs ever again. A family in Washington Township, New Jersey was doing an Easter egg hunt in their backyard on Sunday, when a SKYDIVER came falling out of the sky. Turns out a 49-year-old named Arkady Shenker of Brooklyn, New York was skydiving that day and his parachute didn't open causing him to crash right into the Easter egg hunt. The family rushed over to help him, but he died about an hour-and-a-half later in the hospital. Arkady was an experienced skydiver, he'd done more than 350 jumps, and obviously his parachute had opened during all of them. The FAA is investigating what went wrong this time. 

Video of the Day: A Local News Station Brought In Two Rabbits for Easter and They Started Doing It on the News Desk

Apr 22, 2014 -- 6:36am

On Friday, a local news station in Knoxville, Tennessee kicked off Easter Weekend by bringing two rabbits into the studio. And in the middle of a report they started trying to GET IT ON on the news desk. So the producers cut away to a shot of a cameraman whose wife just had a baby. But the anchors couldn't stop laughing about it.

Tags: VOD

Idiot Criminal of the Day

Apr 22, 2014 -- 6:28am
Have you ever had to unbutton your pants after a big meal? Well, this guy took it to a new level. Anthony Johnson is a 54-year-old homeless guy in West Palm Beach, Florida but he goes by the nickname "City Pimp". And on Wednesday, City Pimp decided to eat some Wendy's fast food in front of a Walgreens. But at some point during the meal, he decided he had to lie down and REMOVE his pants. When police got there, City Pimp was lying on the ground, eating his meal with his pants around his ankles and his JUNK exposed. He was arrested for committing a lewd act in public. And he'll most likely have to register as a sex offender. 
(Via WESH)

Celebrity Links 4-22-14

Apr 21, 2014 -- 7:07pm

Is Lindsay Lohan dating a married guy!? STORY HERE!!

Justin Bieber wants you to know he's learned a lot of the past year...THROUGH "TRIAL AND ERROR"!!

Scarlet Johansson bares it all in a new movie...VIDEO HERE!!

How long did it take to write Rihanna's song "Diamonds"? FIND OUT HERE!!

Emma Stone says she's a "bland, basic bitch"...LOOK!!

Lea Michele experienced a wardrobe malfunction...PICTURES HERE!!

Is Tiger Woods' girlfriend close friends...WITH HIS EX-WIFE!?

Which actors and actresses have the biggest social media presence? SEE THE LIST!!

Tags: Dirty

Coming Soon: Powdered Alcohol?

Apr 21, 2014 -- 11:36am
I can't believe the government is allowing this, but POWDERED LIQUOR has been approved by the U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade bureau. Powdered liquor is exactly what it sounds like. A company called Palcohol figured out how to turn vodka, rum, cosmopolitans, kamikazes, mojitos, margaritas, and lemon drops into POWDER. You just add water, stir, and you have a drink. Palcohol's website had a lot of suggestions. Quote, "Some of our favorite [foods] are the kamikaze in guacamole, rum on a barbecue sandwich, cosmo on a salad, and vodka on eggs in the morning to start your day off right." They also pointed out, quote, "Yes, you can snort it. And you'll get drunk almost instantly because the alcohol will be absorbed so quickly in your nose." But they started getting attention, decided it was too over-the-top and potentially dangerous, and changed their website. The powder's expected to be in stores in the fall. And if you're interested, you should probably buy bulk because there's NO WAY this thing stays legal very long. 
(Via Gawker)
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