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Celebrity Links 9-11-14

Sep 11, 2014 -- 5:28am

Check out Katy Perry in Harper's Bazaar...PICTURES HERE!!

Is this Taylor Swift and Katy Perry feud...BECAUSE OF JOHN MAYER!?

Kanye West was rushed to the hospital in Australia...MORE HERE!!

If you don't like the Kardashians...YOU WILL LOVE THIS!!

Watch the brand new Mockingjay teaser...OVER HERE!!

Justin Bieber stripped down after being booed...AT SOME FASHION SHOW!?

Khloe Kardashian and French Montana are on a break...BECAUSE HE'S TOO NEEDY!?

Mike Tyson flipped out on some guy...ON TV IN CANADA!!

Liv Tyler is pregnant...LOOK!!

Hilary Duff isn't with her husband anymore...AND AARON CARTER IS STILL TRYING!!

Shia LaBeouf has pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct...STORY HERE!!

Alex Trebek brought back the stache...YESSSSSS!!

Paris Hilton gave a homeless man money...SEE HOW HE REACTED!!

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Celebrity Links 9-10-14

Sep 10, 2014 -- 5:41am

Ray Rice's wife Janay has broken her silence...SEE WHAT SHE SAID!!

Katy Perry responded to the rumors...THAT SHE'S FEUDING WITH TAYLOR SWIFT!!

Ut oh did Ariana Grande throw a diva fit...AT A PHOTO SHOOT!?

Robert Downey Jr. opens up about his addictions...OVER HERE!!

Is it a boy or a girl for Shakira? FIND OUT HERE!!

Avicii had to cancel all of his upcoming performances...STORY HERE!!

Zoe Saldana is having twins...AND WE KNOW THANKS TO BRITNEY SPEARS!!


Danielle Fishel is going to write a memoir...LOOK!!

Ashley Tisdale got married...SEE PICTURES!!

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Celebrity Links 9-9-14

Sep 09, 2014 -- 5:40am

Check out Taylor Swift on the cover...OF ROLLING STONE!!

Beyonce and JAY Z crashed a wedding...PICTURES HERE!!

Is Ariana Grande a diva? CHECK THIS OUT!!

One Direction announced the release of their new album...AND A NEW SONG!!

Miley Cyrus rocked some pasties at an after party...PHOTOS HERE!!

Neil Patrick Harris got married...LOOK!!

Baby numbr two is on the way...FOR THE ROYAL COUPLE!!

Did Britney Spears' ex-boyfriend cheat on her...WITH A PORN STAR!?

Robert Downey Jr. says there's NO plans...FOR AN IRONMAN 4!?

Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice...HAS BEEN SUSPENDED BY THE NFL!!

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Celebrity Links 9-8-14

Sep 08, 2014 -- 5:42am

The funeral for Joan Rivers was held in NYC...MORE HERE...

Simone Battle from G.R.L. is dead at 25....RIP...

Jennifer Lawrence says she sucks at everything...BUT ACTING!!

Why was Bill Murray driving a taxi? STORY HERE!!

Ariana Grande are getting "serious, fast"...LOOK!!

Things aren't going great for CeeLo Green...SEE THE LATEST!!

Get the latest updates on George Clooney's wedding...OVER HERE!!

Check out why Nick Carter says he knew his wife...WAS THE ONE!!

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Celebrity Links 9-5-14

Sep 04, 2014 -- 9:01pm

Joan Rivers passed away...AT THE AGE OF 81...

Get your first look at Jennifer Lawrence...IN THE NEW HUNGER GAMES MOVIE!!

Watch Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea...IN THE VIDEO FOR "BOOTY"!!

Scarlett Johansson is officially a mom...SEE IF IT WAS A BOY OR A GIRL!!

Check out the cast of DWTS...OVER HERE!!

Chris Pratt threw out a crappy first pitch...WATCH THE VIDEO!!

No Betty White is not dead...LOOK!!

Alyssa Milano gave birth...TO HER SECOND CHILD!!

Check out the most popular songs of the summer...LIST HERE!!

Floyd Mayweather addressed the criticism...ABOUT HIM BEING UNEDUCATED!!

A suspended NFL wide receiver...GOT A JOB AS A CAR SALESMAN!!

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Celebrity Links 9-4-14

Sep 03, 2014 -- 8:54pm

Jennifer Lawrence may not legally own...SOME OF THOSE LEAKED NUDE PHOTOS!!

Miley Cyrus says social media...IS WORSE THAN DRUGS!!

Nick Cannon went on a rant on Twitter...TO DEFEND HIS MARRIAGE TO MARIAH CAREY!!

Find out how much Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie...GOT FOR THEIR WEDDING PHOTOS!!

The guy who played Carlton on the Fresh Prince...WILL BE ON DWTS!!

Cee Lo's reality show...HAS BEEN CANCELED!!

Joan Rivers has been moved out...OF INTENSIVE CARE!!

Check out Allison Williams as Peter Pan...PICTURES HERE!!

Kate Hudson defends reports...THAT SHE HAS AN EATING DISORDER!!

Meet Robert Pattinson's new girlfriend...OVER HERE!!

Why does Lindsay Lohan only want to sit at a table...OF DUDES!?

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5,000 Wasps Moved Into a Woman's Spare Bedroom

Aug 28, 2014 -- 8:43am

There's a woman in Winchester, England who lives alone in a five-bedroom house. We're not sure how old she is, but she has an adult son. Anyway, she hadn't even opened the door to one of the spare bedrooms for three months, until her son came to visit last weekend. And when he went in, he discovered that the entire upper half of the twin-sized bed was covered by a huge WASPS' NEST. There's a photo of it online.  And when we say huge, I mean the nest was four feet wide, went from one side of the bed to the other, and covered most of the pillow. According to the exterminator, there were FIVE THOUSAND wasps living in it. And they were also INSIDE the mattress. He says it was so impressive, he actually felt BAD about killing them all. But as soon as he started messing with the nest, THOUSANDS of wasps started swarming him. So obviously it was dangerous, and they didn't have a choice. 

(Via Mirror)

There's a Town in Brazil With Nothing But Women And They Need Single Men

Aug 28, 2014 -- 8:04am

There's a small town in southeast Brazil called Noiva do Cordeiro that's incredibly unique. The entire population is WOMEN. About 600 women live there, and most of them are under 35. It was founded by a woman in 1891 after the Catholic Church excommunicated her for leaving her husband. Then she took in OTHER women who were kicked out of their towns, like prostitutes. That's how the tradition started anyway. These days, men are basically BANNED, there are a few husbands, but they're only allowed in town on weekends. And sons are sent away at 18. So the women run everything and one woman there says, quote, "it's prettier, more organized, and far more harmonious than if men were in charge." There's only one problem. A lot of the women are single and lonely so they're considering opening up the town to men for the first time ever. A 23-year-old woman says, quote, "The only men we single girls meet are either married or related to us, everyone is a cousin. We all dream of falling in love and getting married, but we like living here and don't want to have to leave." 


A Guy Is Seriously Injured in the Ice Bucket Challenge When His Friend Dumps 400 Gallons on Him From a Plane

Aug 28, 2014 -- 6:47am

We've hit the point where a standard Ice Bucket Challenge isn't cool enough anymore, people feel like they have to do something new and different. A 51-year-old guy in Catalonia, Spain was doing the Ice Bucket Challenge this week, and he and his friends wanted to take it to a whole new level. One of his friends flies those firefighting planes that dump water on massive fires so they decided to use the PLANE to drop more ice and water on the guy than anyone else who's done the challenge, specifically 400 GALLONS. Unfortunately, no one realized that having 400 gallons of ice and water dumped on you from the sky is going to HURT. So when his friend dumped the load, the guy was seriously injured. He was rushed to the hospital, and he's still in critical but stable condition. There's no specific report on his injuries just that none of them are internal. 

(Via The Local)

Video of the Day: A Woman Thinks She's Doing the "Ice Bucket Challenge" But Gets Sprayed with Manure Instead

Aug 28, 2014 -- 6:27am

Here's the GROSSEST Ice Bucket Challenge so far. A woman in England wanted to do something unique, and asked her family to use a tanker truck on their farm to spray her down with water. But instead, they pranked her by filling the tank with LIQUID MANURE.

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